Sarah Palin’s new assault rifle

I wrote about it here, but the NRA is giving the governor a beautiful custom built .50 AR-15 style assault rifle in honor of her defense of the second amendment. Whether you like guns or not, the workmanship on this one is pretty spectacular.

Shooting an AR15

This weekend I had a good time shooting my friend’s AR15 out the Nevada desert. All told we put 470 round through it over the course of a couple hours. The video below wasn’t my best shooting, but both us did manage to hit the pins every time it was our turn to shoot. Not [...]

My new XD 45

A few weekends ago I wrote about going shooting with a friend and his new Springfield XD 45. It had been a long time since I had shot a gun and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Well, I had so much fun that my wife and I went shooting. She brought her .22 Magnum revolver that [...]