The joke that is dependency management

For the second time in this job I’ve had to deal with maven. So far I’ve avoided it like the plague, but now I have to work on some old code and the company “standard” is to use maven. So, I download the new version, set up my path and attempt to do a simple [...]

Will Google App Engine Revolutionize Java Development?

There is a lot of buzz in the Java community concerning the announcement over the availability of Java on the Google App Engine. It is a big boon for Java developers for sure, but there are some drawbacks for serious applications. Logging Seems you are stuck with using the JDK logging. Let’s face it, no [...]

Java is safe. For now…

IBM has pulled its offer to buy Sun according the NYT: I.B.M. withdrew its $7 billion bid for Sun Microsystems on Sunday, one day after Sun’s board balked at a reduced offer, according to three people close to the talks. The article goes on to say that other possible suitors could be HP and Cisco. [...]

The Death of Java?

With all the news about IBM potentially buying Java, I am saddened for my language of choice. From the purely Java side of things, nothing good can come from IBM owning Java, UNLESS they scrap their entire java-based product line in favor of what Sun has. Let’s face it, not a single IBM java product [...]

A few Grails tricks I picked up

I’ve written yet another app on Grails called It took about six weeks of nights and weekends of work, but it turned out pretty nice. In a nutshell it is a blogging platform of sorts with a few extras and a few common items like recent comments, top commenters, related articles, tagging, etc. JMX [...]