Interesting hibernate transaction issue

I’m working on a new Grails based project and came across a transaction issue. The application is an ecommerce app and as such the placing of the order has a lot going on that should all reside in a transaction. Being a Grails app I decided to put the processing inside a transactional service method. [...]

My new app minus the RDBMS

I’ve been intrigued for some time about building an application on using a datastore that wasn’t a relational database. This “movement” as it were is being called “noSQL”. My application is a search engine service. As such I don’t need much actual data that is stored in a database and I decided to forgo using [...]

Trouble with Java on Ubuntu

I was hoping to have a nice post here about clustering a grails app using three ubuntu 8.04 LTS boxes (using centOS now), nginx, memcached and grails. But all did not go well… I got the first ubuntu box pretty much set up thanks to a nice tutorial from nanoTux. Of course I skipped the [...]

Using memcached as a Grails cache

Thanks to Ray Krueger‘s hibernate-memached plugin, I have using memached as a 2nd level and query cache. Why use memached instead of the standard OSCache provider? Two reasons. One, I’m not overly fond of taking up memory heap for the cache when it can be used for the application itself. This should reduce GC [...]

Enjoying coding again with Grails

A year or two ago Ruby on Rails was all over the blogosphere about being so elegant, so much fun to work with. People started to enjoy coding again. I don’t personally have anything against RoR, but being a java developer for so long I’ve taken to Grails. And boy do I like it. A [...]